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April Mendoza

I use Photoshop with the occasional Lightroom, but I really prefer to start my image edit in Adobe Camera Raw then open in Photoshop. I was very intimidated by Photoshop at first, so I used Photoshop Elements. Then when Creative Cloud was introduced I signed up and started teaching myself Photoshop along with the help of a good friend that is a professional photographer. I love what I can do with Photoshop. I feel that once you grasp an understanding of layers and brushes, it will transform your pictures in a way that no other software can. I use actions (Florabella, Paint the Moon, and Greater than Gatsby are my favorites) to decrease my workflow time. I truly recommend to anyone to start using Photoshop if you are planning to do any kind of portrait or professional work. Topaz Labs has good plugins and stand alone software as well, but it is pricey too. Give it a chance…I promise your pictures will become infinitely better.