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    Tom Northrop

    I would like to know the ways guys here use to clean their cams, especially off dust and sand.

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    Jill Spencer

    I use a rocket to clean my camera!

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    Marc Wilhelm

    I too have a similar situation here. I went out to photograph a river this morning after the rain had stopped. It was cold and damp, leaves and trees were wet. After about a half hour I noticed my LCD screen was fogging up within a few minutes the whole screen was gone. I shut off the camera for a few minutes and put it back in the camera bag. When I took it back out it had mostly cleared.

    Now its been about three hours, there is a slight fog on one side and across the bottom, maybe a 1/8-1/4 inch width. The screen turns colors after being on a few minutes and kinda vibrates a little. I’ve taken out the battery and removed the front cap and opened all the little doors hoping to air it out.

    Is it a lost cause, is it ruined and need a new screen or will it fix itself over a few days? If not will the warranty cover this? If not, any idea on the cost to replace the screen? I live in a rural area of Utah, closest shop is over 200 miles so I am hoping to fix this some how with out making that drive. Its a Sony a300 (my brother’s). Also, any tips on how to avoid this in the future? I really don’t want to wait until spring to use my camera again. Thanks for any help.

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    Remove the battery, loosely wrap it in paper towels, place it in a ziplock bag with some rice. Ensure that the rice cannot get into the camera. Leave it in there for a day or two, thee to be safe.

    This is what my friend did to fix her cell phone after it fell into a stream. I don’t remember if it actually worked or not, but the idea is that the rice will act as a desiccant. I’d imagine if it turns on at all it’ll be OK once it dries out. But it’s hard to say.

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