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    How many cameras do you own? Are they all digital cameras? Do you still use all of them? Or are some of them now never used?

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    I never own more than one camera at a time, I always sell the older model when I upgrade the body. At the moment I’m using the Sony Alpha 350. It’s more than adequate for the job, it’s the lens that makes the difference anyway, not the body.

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    Marc Wilhelm

    I have two cameras a 550D and D7000.

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    I only own the one camera. Well, professional camera that is. I do have a really old small compact camera if you count that, but it’s more or less worthless. I’m currently using my DSLR, buying another one never crossed my mind.

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    I only own the one camera, and it does everything I need to do and more. I don’t really see the point in owning 2 camera’s. If you have other camera’s you used before getting into photography fair enough, but buying others when you’ve got a good camera is a waste of money I think. Much better investing in equipment.

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    Tiffany Bonnell

    I currently own 3 cameras all of which are FujiFilm. one I never use because the saturation I find is very yellow its just a basic P&S and found out that there are alot of bad reviews for it(XP21). I then have two Fuji camera’s one is an A700 model, which I have had for seven years and still works great, and love how the photos turn out still to this day. This model is also super user friendly and was a great learning tool.Now as I advanced my learning I also needed to advance my camera capabilities so I recently purchased the S1600 model. So far I am finding everything in the same mode and locations and easily accessible as the A700. The advantage is that the S1600 model has a lot more advanced features such as priority shooting modes, and can change the aperture, shutter speed, ISO, and view the histogram. Also has the ability to shoot HD video as well take panorama photos.

    I love having two good quality camera’s accessible both providing different availability of photos, because all photographers should have at least one good point and shoot available to them, I am very happy to say I am one of those people

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    I only own the one camera, but is a great camera.

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    Travis Kroon

    a D7000 and a couple of lenses

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    Valerie Cook

    I have a SLR Canon AL-1 with five different lenses. I also have a SLR Canon AE-1 with two different lenses.

    I typically shoot in black and white film in the AL-1. I develop it myself. If I want digital pictures, I grab my phone. I shoot color film in the AE-1.

    I’m not opposed to a digital SLR. I just haven’t found one that I fell in love with. Plus, they are SUPER expensive. If I found a really great deal then maybe…

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