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    Tom Northrop

    I am really excited to learn food photography and have read and told that it involves lot of techniques and factors such as cropping, popping, camera angle, lighting, mood, shapes, etc. Any reference to simple and straightforward resource is highly appreciated!

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    Try to not use a flash. Camera-mounted flashes are pretty much off-limits for food photographers; pouring in light front-on will flatten your dish and dispel any delicate natural shadows that were present beforehand.

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    Tom Northrop

    Thanks Flash……I tried this tip and the outcome was really good.

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    A little creativity combined with optimal use of props would give a fantastic effect to any food photography.

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    While taking photo of any food item, keep in mind the quality of that food you want to accentuate.

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    Marc Wilhelm

    One should take the help of a food stylist to get a really good food photograph.

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    I haven’t done much with this before but a friend gave me a tip : Try simulate the same colour of lighting as the food you are shooting. So if you had a a banana, having a yellow kind of lighting would be good. You could always add it in within Photoshop, but it might not be as good.

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    The tip that Biggles gave is good. I’d try avoid adding it in Photoshop to be honest, simulating the right light colours can be difficult. Just try adding a gel in front of the light and it’ll save you a lot of trouble.

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    I’ve done some basic product photography. I like to get deep focus when I’m close in on the objects, and like to get in some of the shadows it casts. Not sure if that will help for food but worth a shot.

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    Macro Photography in Food Photography is a bonus of both of them….If u interested in a single organic item ,try to shoot in b&w with shadows,or in color with macro lens…It depend from person to person,though i m bit biased on macroness in photography..Try some natural lighting techniques and avoid artificial flash,it worth to your shoot….

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    Tom Northrop

    Thanks a lot guys!!! Really interesting tips. Surely will apply them.

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