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    Use this thread to introduce yourself to other people on this forum.
    You can post a picture of yourself, or some of the photographs that you have taken.
    Or just write a few lines to say hello.
    We’d love to hear where you come from and what interests you about photography.

    Avatar of Tom Northrop
    Tom Northrop

    Hi there, my name is Tom. I am 45 years old (my god where did all the years go) yet like to think my mind Is still young, I have always had an interest in photography & always trying to better myself. I am also a nature Lover

    Avatar of John

    Hello everyone I’m John, photography is mostly a hobby for me. A way to express myself and to keep a visual journal of the places I’ve been and the thing’s I’ve seen. I hope I can pick up a few pointers and maybe share some of my limited experience.

    Avatar of Marc Wilhelm
    Marc Wilhelm

    Hi everyone, this is marc. I am noob and into photography for a couple of years and own a 550D and D7000

    Avatar of Sylvia

    Aloha to all, new here as well as to the hobby. Hoping to learn a lot from all of you!

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    Hasan Tanvir

    Assalamu ‘Alaikum (May peace and blessings of GOD be upon you all)
    This is a 20 years old guy named Hasan Tanvir. Doing my Under grad.
    And yeah, Got quite a lot of interest in photography.
    Hope to get a helpful community here to support and assist me at times.
    Thanks in advance.

    Avatar of Jennifer Lopez
    Jennifer Lopez

    Hi Everyone. My name is Jennifer and I am a 38 year old wife and mother of 5. I have always loved photography, but never had the time to really get into it like I would have loved to do. Now that my children are older, I have more time to dedicate to my hobby. I am hoping to learn and maybe share tips with everyone here.

    Avatar of NPN

    Hi All,

    I am Phanindra, and am an amateur photographer. I am more interested in street photography,landscape photography.Hope I can gain some good knowledge & support from all of you…

    Glad to join you all …


    Avatar of Tiffany D.
    Tiffany D.

    I am Tiffany and I would say that I’m an amateur photographer. I love macro photography and wedding photography, all though I love it all. I would love to gain some more technical and artistic knowledge.

    Thanks! :)

    Avatar of BCantellay

    Hello. I am Bobbi and live in the beautiful Pacific North West. I love macro and nature photography. Now I’d like to expand into other categories and improve my skill set.

    Avatar of Michelle

    Hi, I’m Michelle.. I love photography- have for years.. Don’t know why I never went to school for it. I love newborn photography and scenic photography.. I attached a couple sunset pictures.. I’ll add some others in my next post!

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    Avatar of Michelle

    This is one of my favorite pics.. the fog rolling in as my kids were playing on the beach! I’m wanting to upgrade my camera.. I’ve had this one for a few years.. wanting a Nikon D5100 or better! Any suggestions?! I’ve been using a Panasonic Lumix Wide-angle lens camera.. SOO..wanting a new and improved camera!!

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    Avatar of Scheron Wolfe
    Scheron Wolfe

    My name is Scheron Wolfe, I am 20 years old. What had interested me into Photography was the fact that I can turn something that wasnt so beautiful into an absolute masterpeice! That I can capture that PERFECT moment that you would never be able to catch again. To show People the sheer beauty in things that they would of never thought possible to happen.. This is my passion, I hope to learn new and improve many skills. I also love the most in Photography, is that I can edit them to maybe an even better lokking picture than ever before!

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    Avatar of Alan Doering
    Alan Doering

    Hi, I am Alan Doering. I’m a retired computer scientist and amateur photographer located in Langhorne, PA, USA. I have no formal training in photography but have learned from my mistakes and honest criticism from fellow photographers. I enjoy shooting landscapes, portraits, glamour and artistic nudes. I’ve attached a photo taken of a sculpture made to represent a famous painting by Monet. I really like to concept.

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    Avatar of Dr. Anup Maurya
    Dr. Anup Maurya

    hey i,am dr.anup maurya form india. a medical graduate and an amateur or rather a mini amateur photographer
    i have a cannon eos 1100D
    still learning with kit lens, but it is proving to be a lot less for my needs. i am really fascinated by the landscape and night photography techniques. wanna develop my own style in the coming years…

    i discovered this love when i won my 1st cam in a forensic quiz as a runnerups prize.. 3yrs ago since then there has been no looking back. the learning curve has been going only northwards

    so guys keep helping and keep learning :)

    the attached image is taken during the college days when one day all of the hostelmates were watching a cricket match and our indian national anthem was being played on screen

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