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    Ok well heres my forum and would like to know what other people think. As a photography either amateur, proffesional or even leisure do you Just take your camera into the world and take beautiful photographs, then bring those photos home and edit them into beautiful master pieces. Or do you learn constantly about how to use your camera, why cameras work the way they do (history and influencers, aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed, metering…etc) and take those lessons and apply them to your own works.

    Reason why I am asking is because, I have done photography for about seven years and the last two years I decided to indulge in the theory of photography ( I call it pre-schooling). I am learning a lot and feel that I am enhancing my own craft by the lessons I am finding, and I have applied these lessons and as a “student” to my photography but have not charged for my services, I feel it unfair to charge for skills I am still developing. However there are selected people that I know who have no inclination to improve there theoretical knowledge but have the finances to purchase all the high quality products and are charging Professional prices with no educational advancement.

    The second part to my question is this, no matter your focus of photography, If you do or don’t study or plans to do so, Is it fair to charge for a service that you have no educational knowledge about independently or institutionally (college or University) and claim to be professional?

    Would really like to hear what others think, because I am really trying to figure out what to charge or if I myself should wait until I am enrolled at least as a Photography University Student.

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