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    How often do you use the video features on your camera? I own a DSLR and often use the video features for capturing special moments when travelling, all in 1080p HD!

    Avatar of mikolaj

    I own a Canon 550D and often use it for shooting various videos. I use my DSLR 80% of the time for photo taking, and the other 20% for shooting video. DSRL’s have become famous for allowing you to shoot great video. Some of the crisp images you get are fantastic.

    Avatar of marcel

    I rarely use video features on my camera. I don’t really know much about video shooting to be honest, I do know a lot about photography however. My friend who does filming for weddings and big events earns good money from it though, and always carries an external mic.

    Avatar of lunar

    That is true, Marcel. The mics on DSRL’s generally aren’t great for getting real crisp clean sound. You can buy boom mics that clip onto the top of DSLR’s but I think it’s best to get something like a Tascam recorded and to record the audio completely separately then sync it when video editing.

    Avatar of carolina

    I’ve never really used any of the video features on my DSLR enough. I much prefer taking photo’s. I’ll sometimes pull my camera out and shoot something when I’m with my friends to capture the moment, but nothing artistic.

    Avatar of Tom Northrop
    Tom Northrop

    I think my photos speak more than my videos.

    Avatar of Sylvia

    I love taking videos once in a while and this prevents me from missing out on any details of the scenery that I want to capture.

    Avatar of Rich

    I shoot videos with my camera to capture the sounds along with frame.

    Avatar of Marc Wilhelm
    Marc Wilhelm

    I prefer photos to videos as it conveys what I have in my thoughts.

    Avatar of John

    To be quite honest, if I want to shoot video I’ll use a camcorder. When I’m out on my photographing trips, this is usually the only time I have a camera one me, I’m always searching for the perfect shoot not the perfect video to upload to YouTube.

    Avatar of biggles

    I’ve been starting to get more interested in video recently, although I’ll never love it as much as I love photography. There’s a new BlackMagic camera out for video lovers which looks amazing.

    Avatar of lunar

    I’ve heard about them biggles, but they are out of my price range. At the moment, I’m focusing on buying some good quality macro lenses first. Then I might look into adding to my video inventory.

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