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    I usually use an off brand one, but lately I’ve been considering something more dependable. I’m thinking it’s kind of dumb to cheap out on a tripod, when it’s holding up a few thousand dollars of equipment. Any recommendations are welcome.

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    Tom Northrop

    Benro Transfunctional Travel Angel Aluminium Tripod Kit seems to be a good option especially if you would like to carry it while you travel.

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    Thanks for the answer, yes weight is sometimes a consideration because I take nature shoots as well and most of the time I get to these places by hiking. You’d be surprised how much 3-4 extra pounds feels like after 7 miles.

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    I use this one here : http://www.tester.co.uk/leica-tri70-tripod?gclid=CJTm88edwLcCFZIPtAodRjoAtg

    I don’t actually use it as much as I should though, I rarely take it out with me unless I’m going into the countryside or videoing.

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    That looks like quite a good tripod Biggles, although I wouldn’t pay that much for one. My friend only payed $20 for her one, and it works fantastic. I also probably wouldn’t get that much use out of it, as most of my photography is handheld.

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    I’ve recently been looking into buying a new one, my old aluminium one is falling to pieces. I looked at the Manfrotto range but they’re really expensive, anyone know any cheaper alternatives?

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    I think the reason for the Manfrotto being do dear is the material they are made off. My friend used to own one, and when I borrows it for a days shoot, it felt really sturdy. It also stretched out really tall, it seemed a really good piece of equipment. It might be worth your while on the long run to purchase one.

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