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    Tom Northrop

    I recently damaged my 550D and currently in the market to get a new one. Is Nikon 3200 good? I see that it has the highest mp/digital zoom in its class.

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    In the world of Digital, The era has seem to be fantastic era in history of cameras…Where the SLR(DSLR) has really been affordable than never before….

    Well coming to the topic.First of all anyone who decide to be a photographer first of all you should know that photography is an expensive hobby.You might think why am I talking all these ,it’s just because buying a DSLR will also buying different lenses for different purpose,thereby it might be heavy to your pocket.

    Well for
    Low Range camera(Latest models) :- Nikon(D3100)OLD ,Canon1100D,Canon550D(old)

    Early range camera(Latest models) :-Nikon D3200 ,Canon 650D/600D(OLD)
    Mid range camera(Latest models) :-Nikon D5200 , Canon 60D
    Upper Mid range camera (Latest models):- NikonD7100 ,Canon 7D
    Semi pro camera (Latest models):-Nikon D600 ,Canon 6D Mark (I)
    Mid pro camera (Latest models):-Nikon D800E/D800 ,Canon 5DMark(III)
    PRO camera (Latest models):- Nikon D4 ,Canon:-1DX

    So here are two brand cameras..will post of sony in next post…Thnx..

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    There are loads of great DSLR’s out there. I take it you’ll want to upgrade then? I always prefer Canon products so I’d recommend the 6D or 7D or if you have a lot of money to splash around, the Canon 5D Mark 2.

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    Since the difference between 6D and 5D Mark-ii is not much..Price is similar now, newer is better. With 6D u will be getting 1/4000 shutter-speed and in 5D M2 it is 1/8000 but 6D having latest processor and better ISO same as of 5D M3 and great AF points and other features…5D m2 was launched in 2008 compared to 6D in 2013.

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    Cannon 5D is an excellent cam which I recently had it on my hands on an exhibit. @Saurabh – i thought that is one of the pro-range cams around and surprised to see you categorized it under mid-pro segment.

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    Have your decided which camera you are going to go with? Let us know.

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