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    What is your favorite photo editing software?

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    Corel PaintShop Pro is my favourite. It is very easy to use.

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    On Mac, I use Aperture. Simple to work with …

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    I use Photoscape.

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    I like Photoshop the best. Just the other day, I tried using Serif PhotoPlus x6 which was actually really good I found. I found it really good for making basic adjustments.

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    I used to work with Photoshop elements but upgraded to the full version. It’s amazing, but can be quite complicated a times. Before that I didn’t use much photo editing software, I just got the best image possible.

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    Biggles my friend uses Serif photo plus. He says it’s great and I’d never even heard of it until he told me about it. Doesn’t seem that popular, but it doesn’t mean its not good. I’ll stick to Photoshop though, it does everything and more!

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    Well Everyone is talking about Photoshop for it’s top notch editing caliber…Corel PaintShop Pro is worth noting for it’s great editing feature par with adobe not exactly but still……..My usage also suggests Google’s Piacassa…It’s easy,handy and fast though it doesn’t have huge editing features but still considerable for quick editing ..

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    Yeah Marcel, he was showing me some more about it the other day when I was round at his. It’s got a cool feature that allows you to open photos up in another window and add cool filters to them.

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    I looked into Serif Draw Plus after you posted about it, biggles. It seems pretty good from what I can see, doesn’t seem that used though. The price is perfect for me too.

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    I think the price was the thing that drew him to it, and is currently drawing me to it! Looked on some of their forums, and they have a good community. They also do other products too. Think I might buy it tomorrow.

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    Tiffany Bonnell

    I have tried a number of photo editing softwares, Photoshop I find if I dont use it for a while the technique is very evasive and is time consuming to remember where which tool is that I want to use or technique. Now as an everyday photo editor picassa on Google is wonderful for basic edits. For more extensive photoshop like features I used to really enjoy using Piknic but it shut-down about two years ago, so now I use two online softwares ipiccy and photobucket.

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    April Mendoza

    I use Photoshop with the occasional Lightroom, but I really prefer to start my image edit in Adobe Camera Raw then open in Photoshop. I was very intimidated by Photoshop at first, so I used Photoshop Elements. Then when Creative Cloud was introduced I signed up and started teaching myself Photoshop along with the help of a good friend that is a professional photographer. I love what I can do with Photoshop. I feel that once you grasp an understanding of layers and brushes, it will transform your pictures in a way that no other software can. I use actions (Florabella, Paint the Moon, and Greater than Gatsby are my favorites) to decrease my workflow time. I truly recommend to anyone to start using Photoshop if you are planning to do any kind of portrait or professional work. Topaz Labs has good plugins and stand alone software as well, but it is pricey too. Give it a chance…I promise your pictures will become infinitely better.

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    I also use Aperture

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    Bledar Jonuzaj

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom makes everything about digital photography easier, faster, and more organized

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