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    Tom Northrop

    I often use Adobe Photoshop for most of my editing needs. Dont know much about the alternatives out there up until now. I thought I’d post a link to these free tools….very useful and fast!,review-1731.html


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    I use Photoshop from time to time, but I prefer to achieve my desired shoots with the help of different lenses and filters. My philosophy is why work twice, if you can do it right the first time.

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    Jill Spencer

    John, I think I might be a similar type of photographer as you! It is easy to get carried away with photoshop or lightroom. It depends upon your style, but in my opinion, unless the image has some very special qualities, it is better to discard photos if they are going to need too much post-processing. However, I am not into “artistic” photography. I aim for natural looking photographs and focus on the content of the image and the story it tells. I still use lightroom, but my general rule is not to spend longer than 5 minutes processing each image and the end result must look natural, not like some artificial wonderland with unbelievable colours! I use both lightoom and photoshop, more lightroom these days. I am however interested in if anyone can recommend anything better, especially since I’ve heard Adobe is going to be changing the licensing so you need to pay every month!

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    Marc Wilhelm

    Photoshop is what I use, but of late I’ve found no use for it. I think pros wont use photoediting tools much.

    Avatar of Jill Spencer
    Jill Spencer

    Actually every pro photographer I know uses some kind of image editing software these days.
    Even if you don’t use the editing capabilities, if shooting digital, the software is still useful for RAW conversion, and for various aspects of workflow. Lightroom for example is often selected because of its workflow capabilities, and ability to work with large batches of images. That said, digital cameras will come with their own software included, and if you are an occasional amateur photographer, this may be all that you need, to at least do the basics, such as Cropping, resizing, red eye removal, etc.

    Well here is a list of some software that perhaps people could comment on. I have used a few of these, but by no means all of them:

    Adobe Photoshop CS – I think everyone’s heard of this. Seems to be what everyone first thinks of when you mention image editing!
    Adobe Photoshop Elements – This is the cut-down version of photoshop.
    Adobe Lightroom – This provides good workflow – suitable for both amateurs and professionals, widely used.
    Gimp – This is the free linux image editor. GNU Image Processor I believe.
    Darktable – This is another free linux image editor, more like lightroom…. hence the darktable!
    Phase One Capture One Pro 7 – Some pro’s swear by this. I’ve heard it’s meant to be especially good with skin tones.
    Picture Code Photo Ninja – This is new on the scene, and has some rave reviews as far as image quality is concerned. Need to look into this.
    ArcSoft MediaImpression – Not sure about this one. Anyone tried it?
    ArcSoft Photostudio – This is an affordable option. Again I haven’t tried this.
    Corel PaintShop Pro – Cheaper than photoshop and with similar functionality. It is worth considering.
    Pixlr – This is an online editing service which you access through a web browser which you can use for occasional image editing.
    Roxio Creator – This is more of a complete image and video editing package with DVD burning, slideshow creation, etc…
    Roxio Toast Titanium – Again similar to the above, for Mac.

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    Avatar of Sylvia

    I have used Pixlr and picasa and have not really tried other photoediting tools so far. @Jill Spencer, thankie for the exhaustive list.

    Avatar of biggles

    Got to be photoshop for me without a doubt. It can be a costly for some, especially amateurs on tight budget but it pays off in the end of most. A great piece of software. I’m currently running CS3.

    Avatar of lunar

    I use GIMP for my photo editing. I’ve tried the trial version of photoshop and found the interface really confusing. I’ve been using GIMP for a long time and have got to know the in’s and out’s of it for me, so I’ll definitely be sticking with it. I’ve never encountered anything I couldn’t do on it.

    Avatar of carolina

    I’m a Photoshop user but have tried GIMP and Corel Paintshop before. They are all good but I think Corel is a little simple and never could find enough helpful tutorials for GIMP. There are so much resources for Photoshop and usually multiple ways of completing something, hence the reason I use it.

    Avatar of marcel

    Like most people on here, I use Photoshop. I started off using Photoshop elements but decided it wasn’t offering enough when I got better at photography and more creative and upgraded to the full version. I’m currently running CS6, which I’m loving! Loads of cool new features.

    Avatar of Tom Northrop
    Tom Northrop

    @Jill – thanks for the list. I am totally clueless about the other tools you have mentioned until now.

    Avatar of Rich

    I do not like the idea of using photoshop editing tools but still I am curious to see what wonders it can work.

    Avatar of Hasan Tanvir
    Hasan Tanvir

    Use photoshop & lightroom.

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